Lagos State Agricultural Inputs Supply Authority

Lagos State Agricultural Inputs Supply Authority is one of the parastatals of the Lagos State Ministry of Agric. and Cooperatives. It is saddled with the responsibility of procurement and distribution of improved, high quality farming and fishing inputs to farmers and fishermen in Lagos State in the right quantity and at the right time and at a reasonable and competitive price.

The Lagos State Agricultural Inputs Supply Authority (LAISA) came into being as a limited liability company known as Lagos State Agricultural Inputs Supply Company (LAISCO) on 1st April 1995. The company was set up in compliance with Development Credit and Subsidiary Loan Agreement under the tripartite funding between the World Bank (International Development Association), the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Lagos State Government for the implementation of the Multi-State Agricultural Development Project III (MSADP III). Hitherto, the Authority existed as the Commercial Services Component of LSADP which was then World Bank assisted.

The Company was up till 1999 a fully commercial outfit paying salaries, allowances of its staff and other operational expenses; until when it was realized that the Company may not be able to fulfil its profit objective and also provide inputs to farmers and fishermen at highly subsidized and affordable prices. With this realisation, the Company was changed to Lagos State Agricultural Inputs Supply Authority (LAISA) through the approval of the State Executive Council. In view of conflict between profit maximization of the limited liability company and service rendition expected of a Government agency, the organisation was renamed Lagos State Agricultural Inputs Supply Authority through an edict published in the Lagos State Gazette number 7, volume 32 of 22nd March 1999 in line with the approval of the State Executive Council.

The Authority has the following functions;

  • Support the effort of small, medium and large holder farming and fishing activities in the state.
  • Ensure regular and adequate availability of crop farming & fishing inputs and implements to farmer within the state at competitive prices.
  • Plan, arrange and implement programme of procurement, storage, transportation and distribution of agricultural crops, livestock and fishing inputs.
  • Deal in farm machineries, tractor hiring, irrigation equipment, feed mill, poultry and meat (beef) processors, wastes and bye-products utilization machines.
  • Carry out business of manufacturing of composite flour, maize and potato flour, livestock & poultry feed and fish feeds.
  • Acquire construct, enlarge and purchase cold room for purpose of storage and selling of fish and meat.
  • Carry on business of agricultural projects in the widest scope as regards processing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of all agricultural products e.g. parboiled rice and vegetable oil.
  • Deal in farming implements, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, food manufacturing materials and their export.
  • Adopt such means as making known the products of the Authority as may seem expedient and in particular by advertising in any media, or by purchase, exhibition or reproduction of works of art or by publication.
  • Investing money of the Authority and to hold or sell or otherwise deal with such investments and money for the overall interest of the Authority.
  • Acquire and carry on in such a manner and in such a place, either in Nigeria or elsewhere any activity which seem to the Authority capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with any of the above specified objects calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value of the Authority’s property or rights.

To be able to achieve the set goals as contained in the edict setting up the Authority, vision and mission statements were drawn out as guide to be followed by all members of staff:-


“To be a foremost, strong and highly reliable central point of activities in agricultural input business in Nigeria”


“To continuously meet the needs of Lagos State farmers and fishermen through careful procurement, storage and systematic distribution of high quality inputs with satisfactory returns on investment that will guarantee stable and rewarding carrier to our staff and meet the aspiration of the State Government and other Stakeholders”